Frequently asked questions

What sets your store apart?

Interstyle was created for the confident dresser, someone who recognizes design quality over popular brands. We are a "true boutique" in the creative buying sense.

What is one thing customers should know about Interstyle?

We take pride that our assortment appeals to many types of customers, whether it be age, size or lifestyle.

What's on-trend for next season?

We established our store in 2010. Colorblock and ruffles were on trend; then fringe, boho chic, bell sleeves and off-shoulder. Athletic stripes, destroyed, plaid, camo and graphics followed. Recently floral, tiered and embroidery became popular. We are excited to see the cycle returning with a fresh twist.

What inspires you?

Fashion and interior design are our main inspirations. Where you travel, dine, live and how you dress makes up your tastes to form your personal style.

Why the mix of fashion and home?

We are a husband and wife team with Italian lineage. Design is what we live and breathe!

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